Edge of Salvation


This film takes a social-economic look at what our country is faced with today as seen through the eyes of a 14 year-old-boy and a family that loses everything due to a failing economy, pride, greed and, ultimately, "man's inhumanity to man".

An indie film crew documents the financial and emotional downfall of a family evicted from their beach-front property and forced to move to an economically depressed neighborhood.

The film was stylistically shot and presented through mock surveillance camera footage, police dashboard videos, surveillance cameras and raw, indie-lens material. This gritty portrayal, made familiar to viewers through Internet and 'caught-on-camera' TV shows, lends a realistic element to the film, presenting a story that is unfortunately familiar to audiences across the globe.

The story deals with personal and financial issues that lead to despair, greed, pride, murder, suicide, unexpected pregnancy and ultimately the need for belief, hope and prayer. It touches on abuse, hunger and poverty, but in the end there's a glimmer of hope that's manifested through undying faith. The message of the film is never to give up, no matter how difficult life may seem to be. Adapt and overcome.


Charlene Tilton...Sarah Malone

Jeremy London...David Stevens

Kelly Washington...Chloe Malone

Jonathan Lipnicki...JJ

Dragos Beldie...Christopher

Kristina Kruz...Mary

Directed by
Luciano Saber

Written by
Luciano Saber

Produced by
Stelian Beldie...executive producer
Tristain Nathaniel...line producer
Luciano Saber...producer