Shark Pool


Written and directed by Tony Yacenda of Woodhead Entertainment, and starring Artie Baxter, Jonathan Lipnicki and Kojo Asiedu, the Shark Pool trailer is good enough to trick some people into thinking it might be promoting an upcoming release. Actually, Shark Pool is a horror movie trailer parody that, since being released only yesterday, has already proved a YouTube hit.

"You've seen Jaws and Shark Night, and in 2012 you'll get a movie about sharks that terrorize a shopping mall (called Bait), but first, this Halloween, prepare yourselves for... Shark Pool. All these ultra hot, horny teenagers wanted to do was throw a really hot, sexy, horny pool party, but then things took a turn for the worse when an uninvited guest showed up." –


Artie Baxter...Mike

Jonathan Lipnicki...Brad

Kojo Asiedu...Darnell

Dan Parrault...Doug

Sean Carrigan...Brody

Makinna Ridgway...Katie

Sarah Baldwin...Brittany

Suzanne Quast...Cara Thompson

Directed by
Tony Yacenda

Written by
Lee Benzaquin
Dan Perrault
Tony Yacenda

Produced by
Sean Carrigan...executive producer
Matt Dahan...associate producer
PJ McCabe...associate producer
Kevin McManus...associate producer
Alyshia Ochse...associate producer
Dan Perrault...producer
Suzanne Quast...executive producer
Ethan Rosenberg...associate producer
Tony Yacenda...producer